Wherever You Are In Your Woodworking Journey, the SANRICO™ Fanzine is Here To Support You!

SANRICO™ Fanzine gives you the plans, techniques, inspiration and information you need for success in your workshop.

Whether you’re a beginner building your first shelf or an experienced craftsman designing a new coffee table, SANRICO™ Fanzine has the answers to all of your woodworking questions.

★★★★★ 12,000+ Trusted Customer Reviews

"I got into woodworking about 6-7 years ago and have accumulated quite a collection of instructional books. 

This is one of the best I've ever seen in terms of comprehensiveness, clarity, presentation and, well, beauty. 

It covers all aspects of the craft, from woodworking plans, to shop tips, wood selection, design considerations, to methods of work as well as finishing. 

You will likely learn something on every page!"

- Josh E. (OR, USA)


One of our customers said: “This magazine guides and inspires you on your journey to becoming a better woodworker and maker.”

SANRICO™ Fanzine is a game changer when it comes to woodworking plans. 

Are you tired of looking at the same woodworking plans in magazines? 

This magazine gives a step by step instructions on awesome and new wood projects!


SANRICO™ Fanzine … 

Better Woodworking Plans, Better Advice, Better Content

If you answer yes to any of these... 

You need SANRICO™ Fanzine

Do You...

Want to Build your Own Furniture/DIY Projects? 

When building your own furniture or DIY projects, you can get exact design and material you desire. You can coat your furniture with various protective substances and be sure that it will withstand termites, weather or any other problems. You also get the exact colors and shades for the furniture if you build it at home.

Spend too Much money in tools?

Before you begin even the simplest of projects, you’ll need some basic tools. A variety of screwdrivers, hammer, drills, hand saw, circular saw, chisels, miter box, sandpaper, rulers etc … The tools in this list are basics but can be expensive, especially if you don’t use all of them or don’t know how to use them. 

Want to Learn New Skills?

Woodworking introduce you to a whole new set of skills. It’ll make your mind work to remember everything you learn. You’ll have to learn new things—like how to properly use woodworking tools such as a table saw, sanders, planers, and drill presses to name a few. You’ll be able to take your new skill set and apply it to other areas in your life as well.

Hate Woodworking Plans with NO instructions?

When you build something on your own, you’re going to become frustrated at some point especially if your woodworking plan is not good. Some of them are just a few simple images… and then you’re expected to figure out everything else on your own. No step by step instructions. Just a “good luck” and that’s about it.

Want Easy Access to Content?

Buying a digital magazine subscription or a single digital issue means you’ll benefit from being able to download the latest issue of your favorite magazine instantly to your tablet or smartphone. A printed magazine is always more expensive and is not as convenient as a digital magazine.

Want to Learn From Other Woodworkers?

If you’re brand new to woodworking and you don’t know anything about tools or just want to add a new item in your tool box you need advice from other customers. Most people read comments online from other clients before buying a new product, unfortunately many comments are fake. So how to know if you can trust an online product review? ... Easy! Check in our magazine the product reviews left by our former REAL customers.

The SANRICO™ Fanzine is the answer you’ve been looking for

 ★ Over 12,000+ 5-Star Reviews ★ 

 Highest & Most Reviewed Woodworking Magazine 


Stop Buying Magazines 

with the Same 

Old Boring Woodwork Projects!

And start making fresh new projects.

Our magazine was launched to response to the lack of modern and contemporary woodworking plans. 

The plans and the magazine are designed for woodworkers of all skill levels that are interested in woodworking techniques, tools, projects, finishing and design inspiration.

If you prefer contemporary or innovative design for your furniture, our selection of furniture plans and woodworking projects will make you feel right at home. Looking for functional and modern furniture for the kitchen, bedroom or living room? You’re also likely to find the right look in our magazine!

Whether you are a complete beginner or an amateur woodworker some woodworking plans require to be a master woodworker or have expensive machinery to use their plans... Thanks to SANRICO™ you don’t!

Check out our magazine filled with the kinds of innovative carpentry projects that get everyone talking rather than the unoriginal projects that have been in woodworking magazines for decades. Our plans are based on the projects that are blowing up on social media instead of from the dusty books in your grandpa's woodshop.

Knowing the exact cutting and materials list before starting your project can save you time and money. However, most of the magazines don’t show this list.

Unfortunately, Other Magazines are Made by Non Woodworkers. 

It’s time to get a Magazine that is really made by real DIYers!



SANRICO™ Fanzine is the perfect do-it-yourselfer magazine made by real DIYers. 

Every issue is full of interesting and needed information. 

You’ll find new woodworking plans, expert advice on setting up your work area, choosing appropriate tools, working with different types of wood, and building furniture, as well as tips on joinery techniques, custom finishes, and much more.


The Perfect Woodworking Magazine

There is no better feeling than getting advice and tips by someone that understands your passion. 

It’s a life changing experience!


SANRICO™ Fanzine is Perfect For You If...

You want to build your own furnitures

You want to learn new skills

You want to have easy access to exclusive content

You want to make money by selling your DIY projects

You want to keep your artistic side alive

You want to receive your magazine within 5 minutes

It's basically perfect for everyone!

Improve Your Woodworking Skills, and Learn Some New Ideas You Thought Were Impossible

You haven’t experienced a perfect woodworking magazine until you’ve switched to SANRICO™ Fanzine. 

Learn easily how to build furniture. 

Because you deserve it! 


Benefits of SANRICO™ Fanzine

Comprehensive Woodworking Plans

Our magazine includes a comprehensive guide for beginner to advanced woodworkers with scale drawings. Detailed plans and materials lists for both indoor and outdoor projects. 

Expert Advices

Take your woodworking to the next level with our expert advice on wood finishing, furniture design etc...

The Most Reliable Woodworking Tool Reviews

Whether you're looking for clever hand tools, versatile accessories, or the latest advances in power-tool technology, our magazine highlight the latest in new tools for your shop.

Tips and Tricks to Make You a Better Woodworker

The basics of woodworking goes beyond a couple of simple topics, there is so much to learn about...This magazine will guide you and give you tips to make you a better woodworker.

The benefits are endless

Instead of spending hundreds of dollars or more on woodworking plans, all you need is SANRICO™ Fanzine!

Ask a woodworker and they'll tell you SANRICO™ Fanzine is the magazine you can trust for the best project plans, tips and techniques to create beautiful furniture. Every page of SANRICO™ Fanzine makes you a better woodworker, because you get more woodworking plans, more woodworking techniques, more woodworking jigs, and more about woodworking tools with no ads, ever!

Each issue is loaded with a complete woodworking plan with a whole series of illustrations and easy-to-follow instructions. SANRICO™ Fanzine is written by woodworkers for woodworkers, so you build it right, first time every time.

Whether you're new to woodworking or have been a woodworker for years, you're sure to find something in SANRICO™ Fanzine that you'll enjoy building and that will enhance the value and look of your home for generations to come! 

Save Up to 60% On Your SANRICO™ Fanzine 

You haven’t experienced a perfect magazine until you’ve switched to SANRICO™ Fanzine. 

This will be the best you can do for yourself. 

Because you deserve it!

Michael F.


"Surprisingly useful"

“I thought this would be a bunch of tool ads with pictures of other people's projects mixed in so I just bought the first issue -- but I was surprised to find plans, tips, and reviews that were very readable and fun. I plan to get the 12 months subscription next week!” 

Tim R.


"One of the best woodworking mag on the market"

“Love this mag. it gives a lot of useful reviews and tips for beginners to advanced woodworker. I've been reading it for more than two moths and if I only could choose one magazine on woodworking this would be it.” 

Mark J.


"Very Informative"

"This is one of the better publications I have seen. The magazine is easy to read and filled with all kinds of useful tips and illustrations. I have already used many of the tips and applied the lessons learned. Thanks Fanzine, you have found another loyal reader."


More Happy SANRICO™ Fanzine Customers

★★★★★ Based on 12,748 reviews

★★★★★ ()

Best magazine!!

“By far my favorite woodworking magazine. Projects for home and shop, tool reviews, tips and tricks, new products, it's all there. I will definitely keep my subscription along with all past magazines.” 

Jack M. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()


“For a beginner woodworker, this magazine give a lot information on techniques and tool reviews, as well as some aspirational ideas.” 

Bart D. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()

A great birthday present

“I bought this for my husband for his birthday and he really enjoys it and looks forward to the projects they highlight.” 

Sophie J. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()

Great woodworking mag!

“Great articles for beginner and advanced woodworkers alike. The product reviews are very helpful. Looking forward to building projects and improving my skills with guidance from Fanzine.” 

David T. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()

Great woodworking mag!

“Great articles for beginner and advanced woodworkers alike. The product reviews are very helpful. Looking forward to building projects and improving my skills with guidance from Fanzine.” 

David T. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()

Good content!!

“Great step by step projects and over all great content.” 

Ricardo V. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()

Quality reading

“This is a great magazine that has the right mix of tech, new products and adds. I really enjoy it.” 

Steve T. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()

Wonderful magazine

“My husband just loves this magazine. We have tried other types of woodworking magazines and have canceled his subscriptions to them all except for Fanzine!”

Carla S. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()

Received first issue monday

“I absolutely loved the first issue look forward to the second issue next months!”

Mark L. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()

Great for beginners

“As a beginning woodworker, the ideas and tool tips and tricks are very useful.”  

Roy J. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()

My uncle loves it

“Bought as a gift subscription for my uncle who like to work on small building projects. He says he enjoys the magazine and projects in it.”

Norman H. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()


“Has great articles that keep me updated on new tools and advances in materials so I can abreast of my old industry.”

Richard E. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()

I liked the Magazine

“Good reading if you enjoy woodworking with a lot of helpful tips”

Kelly L. 🛡Verified Buyer

★★★★★ ()

Great Price for Great Magazine

“I have purchased this subscription for 12 months – I very enjoyed the two first issues! Can wait to receive the third issue!” 

Doug B. 🛡Verified Buyer

It's basically perfect for everyone!


Not All Woodworking Magazines Are The Same

One of the biggest misunderstanding about woodworking plans is that people think they are new and exclusive.

Woodworking is an incredibly rewarding hobby that can last a lifetime, and be passed down through generations of sons and daughters. 

Woodworking requires little more than basic woodworking skills, a battery of power and hand tools, some free time, and a little inspiration. 

At SANRICO™ we promise to stay competitively priced while never sacrificing quality and help you in your journey.

As you sit there reading this, you're probably thinking about all the different projects you're going to make and how woodworking is going to be a breeze when you buy your SANRICO™ Fanzine.

You deserve the best woodworking plans and authentic content!


You deserve the best woodworking plans and authentic content! 

There is something for everyone!

The entire collection of plans covers everything from simple crafts to larger, more ambitious furniture and wood shop projects.

Step by Step Instructions

You get detailed projects with step by step, A to Z instructions that makes building projects super fast, super easy and super fun.

Detailed schematics

When instructions are THIS clear, your project BUILDS ITSELF. All the pieces just “Click” into place. You'll complete projects in a fraction of the time it usually takes you.

Upgrade Your Life, Make Awesome DIY Wood Projects

You haven’t experienced a perfect magazine until you’ve switched to SANRICO™ Fanzine. 

This will be the best you can do for yourself. Because you deserve it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does my purchase include?

All purchase provide unlimited access to SANRICO™ Fanzine. You can either print out your magazine or read it on your phone / tablet / laptop... 

How often are magazines sent?

According to your choice, you will receive 1, 3 or 12 issues. We will send out an e-mail with links every months.

In which format will I receive my SANRICO™ Magazine?

SANRICO™ Fanzine are in the universal PDF format. 

The Ultra High-Definition makes you be able to read it on all devices, or to print it at the scale you prefer.

Is there a commitment?

No commitment! 

Whatever the number of issues your choose, (one magazine, 3 months or 12 months), you make a one-time payment. 

When will I receive my magazine after my purchase?

Within 5 minutes! 

If it does not arrive in your email box within this time frame please check your Junk/Spam folder. 

What is the magazine purchase refund policy?

SANRICO™ Fanzine will refund the value of all undelivered pre-paid copies. If you wish to cancel your 3 months or 12 months purchase midway through, a refund payment will be prorated at the per-issue price paid in advance, based on the number of issues remaining. 

We only ask that you notify us by email at support@sanrico.com to cancel, and ask that you allow one week for refunds to clear our accounting department.

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Our customers mean a lot to us because without you we wouldn't still be making our magazine! Do you want to be a part of our family? 

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